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Web Utilities

19 Euro

MacOS X 10.4,10.5,10.6


As in Apple’s iWeb 09, also iWeb Valet gives you the power to add new interactive widgets to your web pages!

HTML codes and Javascripts are terrific tools to help you build interesting content for your web site. For example, you can add dropdown menus, clocks,  scrolling news, internal search engines, calendars, scrolling texts, navigation menus, flash graphics and much more. Thousands of free scripts are available to you in the Internet for use on your Web pages. There is no longer need to edit script code by hand: iWeb Valet now includes a selection (and other will come) of those scripts that are compatible to iWeb and a powerful function to easily add them to your iWeb pages.

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Talking About iWeb Valet
  1. BulletOne of the more useful iWeb add-ons I found...

  2. Tim Bowden - All About iWeb site

  3. BulletiWeb Valet is by far the most comprehensive add-on and has an abundance of features. It does all the usual meta tags, favicons, and also has a huge number of other features that you won’t find anywhere else...

  4. Henry Bennett -

  5. BulletSerious about using iWeb? You need iWeb Valet

  6. Chicago Mac/PC Support - site

  7. BulletA must-have gem of an app. It can do stuff like add a favicon, search-&-replace HTML for problem syntax (very common in iWeb) and, best of all, upload only those files that have been changed (instead of the whole site every time you add a blogpost).

  8. SeanA

  9. Former Mac journalist

  10. BulletI appreciate and thank you for the date/time/bookmark/favicon scripts! .... Thank you again for IWeb Valet!

  11. De Dollar Designs

  12. Consulting, design, web and marketing services

  13. BulletDear ZiggySoft - Love iWeb Valet.

  14. Jamie McKee

  15. BulletJ’ai acheté votre licence iWeb Valet et j’en suis très satisfait. Encore merci pour ce super soft.

  16. Patrick BERNARD

  17. BulletI saw your web site and was excited to buy it and download it

  18. Dean Halbeisen

  19. BulletI was recommended iWeb Valet from the Apple Care representative who said that it is used in place of the ftp that I am currently using.

  20. dorielee 

  21. BulletBravo pour iWeb Valet!

  22. ericdlg

  23. BulletThanks for iWebValet which is a great tool. I have tried it during a couple of weeks and I finally just buy it.

  24. Jean Chassaing

  25. BulletCompliments on the iWeb Valet update, great stuff, thank you.

  26. Colin Swan

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    Please note that we do not accept any refund requests for iWeb Valet because once the registration code is entered it can not be removed. Please try iWeb Valet before you purchase the license: during the trial period, iWeb Valet is fully functional for 30 days. You do not have to pay unless you are completely satisfied with iWeb Valet.

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